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There are some things in life that are just heavenly.  Manna, angels, stars, and, of course, chambray, to name a few.  Perhaps you scoff at that statement, but I believe that we will be wearing white chambray robes when we get to heaven.  I finally became the proud owner of a chambray shirt from J. Crew after my sister gave me one for my birthday, and it is the most incredible shirt I have ever owned.  I wore it four days in a row.  I have good reasons for doing so.

First, I wore it four days in a row because it is incredibly versatile.  It has a very classy yet comfortably relaxed look, so it is easy to dress up or dress down.  You can wear one tucked into a high-waisted skirt or with some shorts and cute sandals.  Plus, chambray is used in everything from skirts and pants to ties and shoes.

Second, I wear my chambray shirt all the time, because it is comfortable.  Some people are willing to sacrifice a bit of comfort for style.  But if you want to make a statement without suffering the whole day, chambray is the way to go.

Chambray is made by tightly weaving together white yarn vertically and oftentimes blue yarn horizontally.  This method gives it the soft sheen and slightly worn appearance.  It was first developed in Cambrai, France in 1595 and has been used in clothing for centuries.  It was the fabric of choice for the US Navy uniforms from 1901 through WWII, and the nautical influences in fashion are making it the fabric of choice today.

J. Crew is having a lot of fun with the popularity of chambray.  Shirts, shorts, dresses, skirts, ties, shoes, and hats: they offer it all in chambray.  They have the “I heart chambray” shirt and the stylish Tretorn sneakers in chambray.  Their chambray dress is adorable.  And you can’t forget my favorite piece from J. Crew’s sister store, Madewell, the chambray trousers in pink oyster.

Like I said.  Chambray robes in heaven.  Can’t get much better than that.



Over the past month, we have learned a lot about J. Crew.  But each article was about a completely different facet of J. Crew, and they cannot define J. Crew by themselves.  In order to see and understand the public image of J. Crew that is portrayed, we must look at each of these areas together, as a whole.

J. Crew started out as a small mom-and-pop store.  They came to your home to sell clothes, and they did a very good job.  However, the company changed hands a few times and eventually ended up under the direction of a man who had been in the frozen food business.

Enter Mickey Drexler, J. Crew’s passionate CEO who transformed J. Crew from the small struggling clothing shop to the widespread popular retailer that we know today.  His eye for fashion and skill for turning companies around combined with President and Executive Creative Director Jenna Lyons’s bold moves and creative style have helped develop J. Crew’s style into what it is today.

J. Crew has always had a relaxed and preppy style, but Drexler and Lyons have encouraged the growth and evolution of J. Crew.  While maintaining the original vision that Mitchell Cinader had for the company, they have incorporated a bit of their own flair.  With the introduction of Madewell, J. Crew’s sister store targeted at younger women, and J. Crew COLLECTION, a collection of limited-edition pieces that are essential to every chic closet, Drexler and Lyons have left their own mark on the company.

Each month, J. Crew pulls everything together in their catalog.  With a little bit of hard work and a lot of teamwork, the J. Crew team puts together a catalog that displays the current season’s pieces, beloved classics, and their creativity.  Fun combinations and interesting ideas jump off the page, inspiring customers everywhere.

Through all of this, J. Crew maintains a strict sourcing policy to ensure the safety and fair treatment of their employees and suppliers around the globe.  This is no easy task, since J. Crew uses the finest materials and textiles from 20 different companies. 

Through combining all of these efforts, J. Crew produces quality clothing with a fun sense of style.  Kudos to J. Crew. 

What are your favorite clothing stores?  Anything similar to J. Crew?

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