italian beauties

So there are these things called shoes.  Maybe you've heard of them.  I happen to love shoes.  I believe that they have a little bit of magic in them that can make a good outfit fabulous.  Thankfully, Jenna Lyons over at J. Crew believes the same thing, and her belief is reflected in  this season's collection.

Go take a look at them now.  Seriously.  Go.  But come back, because if you're anything like me you'll end up drooling over them for a couple of hours.  Hand-made in Italy, every single shoe is a work of art.  J. Crew has been using a renowned shoe mill in Castelfranco di Sotto, Italy for well over 20 years, and their great relationship has paid off.  It is fascinating to watch the amount of thought and work that goes into every shoe.

And if you're looking for a shoe where comfort meets style, J. Crew has a pair from you.  Believe me, I wasn't born with feet that are more able to walk around in 4-inch heels than your feet.  From casual sandals to killer stilettos, J. Crew has got you covered.  Now the problem is choosing just one pair . . . or three.


hello again

My last post was written on February 10, 2012.  By February 22nd I was no longer an innocent bystander in the world of J. Crew; I was officially employed by the company.  Unfortunately, one of their rules states that you can’t blog about the company while employed there (oddly specific, right?), so I had to put the blog on hold indefinitely.

The fact that I'm back means that I'm no longer working at J. Crew.  Unfortunately, as a college senior, I needed to focus on my internship, finishing school, and starting a career.  Working part-time just didn't fit into my schedule any more.  However, I loved working at J. Crew, and hopefully someday, I will be able to rejoin the company.  My dream of designing for the catalog is still alive and well.  (Not to mention how much I loved their employee discount!)  

I learned so much about what makes the company tick, stuff that only an insider would truly understand.  I respect the company and where they’re going, which is an impressive achievement for any employer.  I am so grateful that I was able to leave on good terms.

Looking back at my last posts and forward to the ones I am planning, it is amazing how much has changed in just a few short months.  There are so many great things going on at J. Crew, and we’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

bright, bold, and beautiful

It’s February.  The dull winter sun bleakly shines down on the brown grass poking through the brown snow.  Students are getting back to work on their second semester, and a surprising amount of people are procrastinating on taking down their Christmas decorations, as if they are clinging to the last piece of hope and cheer that the Christmas season brings.  You people look like you could use a pick-me-up.  And J. Crew has just the thing for you.

This spring bright hues and popping colors are in.  Way in.  They’re just what you need to brighten your day and your wardrobe.

Bold swimsuits in a variety of patterns and styles remind you that there is only a month or two until Spring Break.  You can make it that long!

And best yet?  They’re introducing a new pair of sandals.

Better get ready.  Summer’s gonna be here before you know it!


SNOW: coming soon

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the middle of October, which means that Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching.  But indeed the cold weather and snowy slopes are on their way.  Will you be ready?  J. Crew is.

Introducing Authier (pronounced o-tee-ay), an Italian ski line that has partnered with J. Crew to produce some top-of-the-line and absolutely sick ski gear.  Once again, J. Crew has found a ­­­­company to partner with that perfectly meshes fashion and function.

Authier was founded in 1910 by John Authier and was one of the first companies to offer quality wooden skis.   Based in Biรจre, Switzerland, Authier knows all about cold weather, and their military standard insulation will be sure to keep you warm this winter.  And if skiing just isn’t your thing, feel free to bundle up in the lodge in one of their cozy sweaters.

We all know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but on the slopes, that just doesn’t happen.  Hopefully, Authier will be able to help you out with that.



dressed for the test

August 2011 catalog cover
featuring the No. 2 pencil skirt
Bring a healthy snack, a calculator, and the (in)famous No. 2 pencil.  Get plenty of sleep, and don’t forget to dress for success.  At one point or another, everyone has heard the spiel about how to prepare for the dreaded standardized test.  Unfortunately, J. Crew can’t help you with getting sleep or good test scores, but they can help you dress for the test.

Introducing the No. 2 pencil skirt from this fall’s new lineup.  It comes in a wide variety of great fall colors including my favorite . . . yellow.  Pair it with a crisp button-up or slouchy sweater (or both!), and you’ll look as sharp as a pencil on your fabulously-dressed way to success.


when in russia

It was an average day.  I came home from school, dropped my bag on the floor, and saw the stack of mail on the counter.  I spotted the corner of the J. Crew catalog lying at the bottom of the stack and pulled it out.  I gasped.  The cover was stunning and unlike anything they had ever done before!

The cover shows ballerinas, dressed in typical ballerina attire plus an Italian cashmere sweater, posing underneath a portrait of Leonid Yakobson (1904-1975), Soviet dancer, choreographer, and ballet master at the Mariinsky Theatre.  Along with Mr. Yakobson, the company has produced other big names such as Anna Pavlova and Mikhail Baryshnikov and has traveled around the world including a recent appearance at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC.  The Mariinsky Theatre was established in 1860 by Catherine the Great and has seen some of the greatest Russian ballet performances, including the world premier of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker.

The September 2011 catalog was photographed at the Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg, Russia.  Ballerinas from the Mariinsky ballet school posed alongside the usual models, showing off their elegance and newfound love for J. Crew cashmere.  Each photograph beautifully captures the ballerinas’ simple grace and exact precision, along with the grace and precision of J. Crew’s sweaters, a must-have for this fall.  Plus, it reignited my childhood desire to become a ballerina.


steals and deals: a crime of fashion

It’s summertime.  It’s hot, like really hot.  You have the day off and you’re debating what to do.  You don’t want to stay home, but the pool will be too crowded and you’ve already seen all of the good summer movies.  Shopping sounds fun, but you don’t want to break the bank.  Thankfully, I have the perfect solution.  A solution that my mom, sister, and I accidentally stumbled across when we were in Indianapolis buying a car.  But don’t worry.  It has nothing to do with cars.

Lacoste Beam Metallic Flats
Carmel Consignment.  It is a fabulous little shop filled with high-quality brands and amazing deals.  We spotted the store when we stopped for lunch just outside of Indianapolis and decided to poke our heads in just to kill some time.  Instead we ended up spending hours browsing their endless racks of great clothing and walked away with bags of deals.  They had everything for both men and women from tops and bottoms to bags, jewelry, and shoes.

Pastel Petal Perfect Shirt
Two of my favorite pieces were the adorable Fiji Floral sweater from J. Crew, which retailed at $88, and the Pastel Petal Perfect Shirt from J. Crew, which retailed at $80.  Both were in good as new condition, and I bought both for under $10.  But my find of the day was a pair of Lacoste Beam Metallic flats.  I had just finished stating that I never bought used shoes unless they were really awesome when I turned around and spotted them.  Their retail price was around $50, and I purchased them for $10.

Fiji Floral Sweater
So if you’re in or around Indianapolis, make sure to stop in and take a look around.  It will be well worth your time and money.  If you’re not from around here, take the time to discover a consignment shop near you.  Finding that cute new piece for your wardrobe is always fun, but finding it for five dollars . . . well you almost feel like it’s a crime.

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